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Our Services

  • Tower equipment installation and upgrades

    MBEC USA specializes in the services that are vital components of cellular site projects. We provide the highest quality work and project performance of any company in the industry. Our team is devoted to providing service levels that are consistent on every project whether that project is located locally or in a remote location elsewhere in the world.
  • Telecommunications equipment maintenance and repair

    MBEC USA leases field service contractors who are experts in various telecommunication disciplines to the United States Army efforts in remote areas overseas. MBEC USA plays a vital role in servicing and maintaining strategic telecommunication systems that are vital to the success of Department of Defense missions in environments that require high levels of expertise, perseverance, and demanding timelines.
  • New Construction

    We are part construction company - part technology company. Typical service providers can benefit by enlisting our services early on in a new telecommunication facility construction projects planning stages. With over 30 years of experience, we can help our customers avoid the pitfalls that typically haunt construction projects when they are not properly managed. We’ll make available our resources and 30 years of proven methodologies to help you successfully plan,build and manage your next tower or telecommunication project.
  • Project management

    Our Project Management team is comprised of highly experienced personnel who are experts in many facets of the telecommunication industry. Our combination of experience and expertise is unmatched by most organizations in the industry. Combined with a commitment to provide our customers with the highest level services and resources they need to meet their objectives and you’ll find that you have a winning formula for success when you select MBEC-USA as your Project Management Partner. Our philosophy is “on time, within budget and scope” on every project every-time.