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MBEC USA LLC specializes in the design, construction, and modification of telecommunication facilities for all the major cellular and data service providers. MBEC USA LLC also provides procurement, service, and facility maintenance for communication installations nationwide. Our clients include ATT, NOKIA-Siemens, T-MOBILE, Sprint PCS, and VERIZON WIRELESS. MBEC USA also provide electrical, radio and telecommunication service and support to the United States Army operations around the globe.

MBEC USA LLC was formed by the merger of two successful international companies. The merger provided the major telecommunication providers with a resource of unmatched expertise, experience, and knowledge that can tackle the most challenging technical issues in the Telecommunication Industry. MBEC USA has a reputation for exceeding customer expectations beyond that of any other company in the Telecommunication Industry.

Why Choose Us?

  • Quality

    We are committed to quality in every facet of our operation; as a result, our primary objective is to ensure that each of our customers receive the highest quality services across the board without failure.
  • Performance

    Our methods are proven. We analyze and meticulously plan out each phase of your project early on and coordinate all the components and expertise necessary to meet every milestone. Our methods provide us with the means to consistently exceed our customer’s expectations.
  • Integrity, value, and experience

    We offer the highest levels of integrity, value and experience. With a highly experienced team comprised of industry professionals and academics, we are committed to providing the products and services our clients need to be successful.

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